Hey, I have a problem. My problem is that I'm audtioning for the guitar part in a school show and I have to put together a medley (thats what we call it over here anyways, dunno if its an international term. Anyways, its a collection of different riffs and parts of songs that you put together to flow into each other).

So, the only thing I've figured out so far is the intro, which will be the welcome to the jungle intro, and the ending, which will be one of the soloes in glasgow kiss by petrucci, the rest i don't have a clue about.

My problem is that there's not much time left to make this one, and Im not as well versed in the jazz, blues and funk genre as I'd like to be. Anyways, I need some suggestions as to which songs i could incorporate into my medley from these genres, preferably something fairly advanced, but not too much.

Thanks a BUNCH for any answers
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try Giant Steps by John Coltrane. that song is a bitch to solo over, but just use the written music, you should be fine
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3 complety different genres

You may as well ask, "I am not well versed in the metal/rock n'roll/country genre"

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Don't know anything about funk, don't really care about it
Maggot Brain for funk. It's a 10 minute solo.

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Not really a funk track even though it's probably atleast a top 5 best guitar solo's ever.
RHCP for funk
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