I've had my 1/4 inch cable for about half a year, and it finally stopped working. I was wondering how long they have lasted for you and how long they are supposed to work.
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Some brands are better than others. A lot of people on UG bash Monster cables, but I personally love them - I've had mine for 3+ years and I have yet to encounter a problem with it.
I've got a fender california cable or something, (not sure what size it is) all I know is it has lifetime garentee so I thought why not and bought it, seems to be pretty good, but its just a cable so nothing special.
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It depends on how the cable is used. I've had some last several years and some didn't last long at all. If a cable quits working it usually means the wires have broken away from the metal plug on the end. If you can't already it's good to learn how to solder them back together yourself. Even if the cable has a lifetime gaurantee it's easier to fix it yourself than to take it back to the store to get a new one.