so, ive seen a few people take their picking hand and grab the fretboard with their palms touching the strings, and continue to play with their fretting hand higher up.

ive tried this a few times myself, and without knowing the purpose, or proper use, cant figure out what exactly i should be doing.

what exactly is this technique? and how do i do it properly?
Tapping ?

Google it
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its just legato playing, using your picking hand to mute at the same time
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from what i can get from your discription, is what they are doing is basically muting the strings they arent playing, and using hammer ons and pull offs to make the sounds
their picking hand just mutes any unwnted string noise so they can perform long legato lines. I don't know what it's name is though. sorry!
i dont know but i guess it might be using the picking hand as a make-shift capo, and then playing the rest of the notes with hammerons and pulloffs only.

(the hammeron pulloff technique with no picking is one of the things that Tom Morello does to make one of his weird sounds - i mean the one he uses for the intro to know your enemy
i know exactly what is is and how to use it, but don't know what its called. you bar a finger with ur picking hand across a fret, like u woud with a harmonic, then u hammer on either a major or minor scale, with the root note 7 frets down from ur barred harmonic hand. it works best with distortion, and on the lower frets. and the first four strings
i guess it's for muting unwanted strings...
you mute all strings with your right hand somwhere around the nut and play legato/tapinig with you left up on the neck... and other strings don't ring....
Well it is essentially showing off but the hand behind the fretting hand is meant to mute the strings so it doesn't sound like complete arse while playing with entirely fret-hand legato. The fret hand technique should be the same as when you're playing normally but with the picking hand muting the strings behind where your fret hand it.
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