Ok, I had a thread open the other day and then changed my mind because I finally got it together. But now I am just sick of dealing with the thing, I would rather just play

Ash body finished in pure white, but its not a perfect paint job but looks fine from 3 feet away
Brand new Wilkinson Compensated bridge
EMG pickup set with pots, switch, needs wireing to be finished
Gotoh tuning heads
Brand new Warmoth Pro Telecaster neck. Rose wood fretboard, 22 fret. Gotoh side adjust micro adjust truss rod
tortoise shell pickguard, trimmed to fit 22 fret neck, not a perfect cut, there is a gap around the neck pocket
material to cut a delrin nut
electrosocket jack mount
control plate, neck plate,

If someone wants to take it off my hands for $350 I will take it.

I will also trade for a Valve Jr and cab and pedals

Its apart now but here is how it can look:

Located near Philadelphia if you want to pick up, other wise you pay shipping to CONUS only