I tend to rely mainly on tabs which is fine but I'm wondering how much it would improve my playing if I started to pick things up by ear instead.

Is learning by ear the best way forward??
Yes. I'm trying to stray away from tabs. I feel playing by ear will increase my abilities in many different areas (singing, improvizing, etc.)
Quite often tabs can be unreliable, or may even be missing. So you learn to trust your own ears.
Also, if you're jamming with your band, it's easier to improvise and make parts if you know how to use your ears.
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Yes. if you can hear things and play them, or compose, or read music. Your already miles ahead of the general pack of guitarists. Just learn your instrument. And dont skimp on it. Especially learn theory. Learn to improvise in keys. It'll be hard as shit but it pays off so much.
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Playing by ear is important. But some people dont know how to go about learning this.
It allows you to improvise, deffinately,

so just hit every note on the fretboard ten times per day, for a month, and you should reconise it all!
dont know if it works.. so i might try it for fun.
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