Yeh, my disc drives won't work and I've done the troubleshooting stuff and they still don't work...

I'll uninstall it, and then go to the Add Hardware Manager (or whatever its called) and the computer will recognize the drivers, but then it says "A probelm occured during hardware instillation".

So I don't know what they hell is going on but there are two things I think may be the cause:
-I was "downloading" *cough*torrenting*cough* a bands discography, but the *cough*torrents*cough* wasn't a virus or anything
-I sometimes plug in my dad's laptop's printer dircetly into the USB port (it's not plug N play) without worrying about installing the CD and whatever because I need to print school shit without hassle.
Everytime I plug it in I 'X' out everything that comes up asking to install it, and then at the bottom it says "A problem occured during hardware instillation", but the printer still works so I don't worry about it.

So any help is appreciated. I need to use the CD burner.

Thanks in advance.
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You've removed a default driver. You need to find the exact device you are using from the device manager and d/l it. Then install it.

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