Hi there,

I've played bass guitar for 11 years and I haven't been able to make the transition to acoustic due 3 broken knuckles two on my left hand my pinky and ring finger knuckle, and the pinky knuckle on my right hand. The growth of my ring finger stopped growing because of the broken knuckle and it's about 1/2" shorter than the right hand.
I can play the basic E, G, C, D, A but bar chords and chording the F I can't reach the strings because of the pain and shortened finger.

My Question: What options due I have as far as skinner neck guitars etc. before I should consider switching to a lefty?


Just out of curiousity, how did you break knuckles on different hands? If it was one hand I'd probably be able to guess, but both?
A smaller guitar or thinner neck as you said may help. Go to a guitar store and try some out.
Id try to reinvent my playing with altenate tunings before attempting to re-learn everything left handed.