Hi all!

I have an ESP/LTD AX-600 signature guitar for sale here. white finish, custom Soulfly logo inlays, 24 jumbo frets, single Seymour Duncan SH-6 distortion pickup in the bridge. Very good condition, hardly played that much, but naturally there are one or two small dings on the horns since this is quite a spiky-shaped axe.

I bought it for £800 brand new, so considering this is second hand and has one or two scuffs I'll let this go for £600 (although I am willing to haggle). Alternatively, I'll let it go in exchange for a Jackson DK2 Dinky in transparent black +£200 (again, willing to haggle).

Located in Sheffield UK. Cash on collection is preferred since I don't have a case for this, but for an extra fee I'll post. No 'sale photos' yet unfortunately, but I'll post a few when I can.

The reason I'm letting this go is because I've started playing Jackson guitars and to be perfectly honest, string-thru axes now feel kind of alien to me. I look a bit daft with this one so I'm letting it go.

Cheers people!

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