I would love it if someone would tab shine your cadillac by evans blue as well as Q by evans blue. Also, does anyone have a beginner-intermediate love/slow song that I could learn to play? I need help deciding.
Shine Your Cadillac has already been tabbed. Albeit not complete, the opening is atleast done for both guitars and it pretty much remains the same through most of it.


This was rated low nor have I gotten a chance to try it, so I can't attest it's accuracy.



As for the slow/love song...Pearl Jam's Cover of Last Kiss is pretty simple:


You can also do Roads by Blindside (First song I learned to be honest):
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Thank you very much for replying. I will try that tab, although I believe I already did. And I will look at the other songs as well.

EDIT: I am going to try Roads and then the pearl jam song. I love that song by the way, I just need to learn one quickly and the timing for the pearl jam song will frustrate me for a little while.
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