My old guitar strings had become very quiet, and this evening one string snapped which I was expecting sooner or later..

Just wanted some advice on a good set of strings, I'd like to buy a good set, i'm not sure if the type of music played etc would come into it or w/e but all suggestions are appreciated.
Well honestly?? You can't really go wrong with strings, for £5-£10 try ernie ball or dunlop (the signature series are pretty good both Zakk and Kerry King). But if you pay lyk £15 you can get Elixer which last for months!!!
But its really your choice you can't really go wrong...but if you play standard tuning get 10s-46s...at least!
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If you like the gauge you use now, get something in that. I personally like GHS and the rich tones it makes in the lower ends, but it's really a chance to experiment...just get a set and go nuts. Try Sweetwater for strings, since they don't charge for shipping.
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id get earnie ball heavy bottom slinky top for like 6 quid. but if you're goin to record or perform id recommend elixir strings cos they are great
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Thanks for the replies, I mainly play in standard tuning, but like to play in drop c and drop d, I know certain string accomodate these drop tunings etc.

All I'm really looking for is a good set of normal strings. But if there's any out there that accomodate standard tuning aswell as drop tuning then I'll go for them, thanks.
Sorry for the double post but I've been looking at strings online and will probably go for the elixir strings, just wondered about the numbers, i've been playing guitar for a year but have never changed strings in my life (My girlfriends dad did it before) whats the normal size for an acoustic guitar? 10 -47?