I have an Ibanez RG350MDX that I want to swap pickups in. I would go EMG, but I want to keep the 5 way switching and I don't like the idea of spending a ton for the 4 wire 81's and such. I'm thinking maybe Dimarzio X2N for bridge, not sure what for single coil and neck. Wondering if any of you have suggestions or experience with this setup. I play mostly metal on the bridge and clean on the neck and single. Megadeth, Metallica, 80's metal, standard tuning.
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dimarzio tone zone
and deactivator pickups very nice, im gonna put that in my guitar OR 2X emg 81's
you could always just leave the neck and middle stock but if you use them alot and set on changing them i would say, i dont know know, maybe an air norton or tone zone(a bit higher output if need) for the neck and virtual solo for middle
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Super Distortion, Breed or Norton in the bridge, Breed or Paf Pro in the neck.

If I had to pick one set I'd go for a pair of Breeds....the Tone Zone isn't a great rock or metal pickup, it's more geared to shred and J-Rock. I'd go for a Blue Velvet or FS1 in the middle.
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Have any of you played the X2N? I was thinking of something wicked in the bridge position and mellow at the neck. Just curious becuase i've heard a lot about this pickup.
Line 6 SpiderValve 112 - Strymon SV Pre; G12-K100
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Yeah, super high output (.5V, holy shit).
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