Hey, tell me what you guys think of this. It's a got funky RHCP feel(hence the title), and its moderately fast.

Chillin in Cali
Walk the the bridge to Japan
Listen to the J-pop
Then swim to New Zealand
Hangin with the Wolves on the island continent
Never goin home, so you cant call me American

*Take a red hot road trip, with me
The places we will meet, the people we will see
Red hot road trip, youll never wanna go home
I'll go along for the ride, you wont have to do it alone

Gettin lost in Amsterdam for a while
Make your way through to the haze, to the Emerald Isle
Hitchhike on down to Mexico
Dont waste your life countin minutes, the trains about to go




Weve been around the world now, weve seen some crazy $hit,
So do you really wanna go home, do you really wanna quit?
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