Ok so I've been playing for about 1 1/2 years and I've saved up to get a new guitar. By my next pay check I'll have around $600 dollars.

The thing is, I play everything. I mean everything. I play jazz and blues and metal and rock and garage rock and indie and clean delayish stuff.

...and I need something that can play basically all of them.

I also love fender necks, don't like the wideness of Epiphone too too much but I already got used to my Epiphone's neck so...I also play through a Vox AD30

Any suggestions?
Cherry Epiphone SG Special
Vox AD30
Boss DS-1
shecter c-1
there's like 5 diff models, i have a c-1 exotic star, and the c-1 classic is pretty good too
they might be more than 600, but they're well worth it
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Jackson DK2, nice and versatile, comfortable neck
Or a HSS MIM strat would be good too
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