We just read Brave New World in AP English, and tomorrow, I'm supposed to teach the class about how the author satirizes different parts of society in the book. I sort of know what this means, but I'm kind of confused. I also don't really know how to start.

I'm not looking for someone to do it for me, I'd just like some help.
Just talk about it. It's not that hard. Give some examples, like how the Community Singery satirizes church.

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ahh i thought this was about Maiden.
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ahh i thought this was about Maiden.

haha yeah me too
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I read the first bit of that book a few years back but got pulled into another book because of school...
I remember something about classifying people by attractiveness or usefulness or something along that lines... so I'm pretty sure you can use that
I also remember something about kid's erotic play...
actually I'm kind of happy I didn't finish it now
am i the only one that thought he was teaching about the maiden song Brave new world?
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I thought you were talking about Iron maiden... then i clicked... can i have the 30 seconds of my life back?