I think its SD-1... I havent actually tried the SD-1, personally, yet, but i know Claudio Sanchez of Co&Ca uses one, and from what ive heard, like, online and stuff, it sounds like with enough work, u could get anything from mellow overdrive to all out metal tone. And theres like three knobs, rather than six. So... yeah. I kinda think the SD-1 would be cool, but if its not good, tell me, tell me everything you know about it. please. okay. thanks.
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The SD-1 is just a light overdrive pedal. You won't get anything more than that out of it. I use one as a boost for clearing my tone up.

The MT-2 is a distortion pedal.. but it's a crap one.

They're totally different pedals, so you can't compare them.
You heard wrong, it can't.

You'd use something lke an SD-1 in conjunction with the distortion on a tube amp like the B52 you plan on getting - it'll be near-useless with the MG
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ok... uhh... yeah. ok... so... what could i do, for now, until i get the B52, to get a sublime sound? not the clean, i've got that down. but the distortion/O.D. tone on "Caress me down" and "Garden Grove"? Ive tried a few settings on the MT-2 but I can't quite get it... ._.

And by the way, just for the record, I can't help but think its going to be a LONG time before i get the B52...
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