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Well IMO, the SRs are better.

indeed. 35" is silly for a non B strung bass.

maybe if you drop D a lot, but I don't.

and also, SR's look better and feel a little nicer.
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^ this. but other than looks and possibly the 35" scale, depending on your preference, no, it appears to be a good bass
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I prefer the SR's...

Though not the biggest Ibanez Fan... not in the slightest

I was really impressed with the SR...

The BTB just felt like an oversized nothing special sort of bass.

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I disagree. I have a 4 string 35" scale bass, and if you prefer tighter strings it's great. It also adds a bit of punch and clarity, from what I find. That BTB is a great bass, and when you get it, make sure you go green!
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I have heard that the construction and finish on the BTB series is not that great.
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thanks everyone, so now its between droppin 800 or 1000 haha. ah well i got time, thanks for the help
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