I'll possibly be getting an amp in the near future for my birthday. I want something to be about 250$ dollars as thats all I'll probably be about to get, but I still want it to be relatively loud. The 2 I've been looking looking at were the Ashdown Five Fifteen and Acoustic B100. There both 100 watts with a 15" speaker. I mostly play metal, stuff anywhere from Metallica to Iron Maiden to Cannibal Corpse. So which one of these amps would be the best value and would suit what I play the best? If you can make any othere suggestions for under 250$ that would work to.

Acoustic B100

Ashdown Five Fifteen
crates are nice, i got mine for 200 something. loud, good low end, the distortion kinda sucks though. but good amp nonetheless
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i wouldn't recommend either of them, they are both very under powered for a metal band, i'd recommend something like a hartke ha2500 combo as a minimum power output
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but indeed, humanity says Acoustic rocks. but I'd play both. because Ashdown is indeed, a nice company.

but I love me my Acoustic. though, since I doubt you will be audible anyways with a drummer, why not get an AB50? it sounds nicer than the B100 and has dual input so you can plug 2 guys into it for a cramped jam session.
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B100 Are Amazing I Had One I Loved It Buy It Or I Will Kill You!!!!!!!!!
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I have an acoustic b200, and love it for jazz and blues type stuff. I do play in a band with a few of my friends, but they don't really have enough to overpower my amp.
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Both nice amps, but I can't stress enough how disappointing 15" speakers are for most people (Apparently no one here, though). If you can find an amp with 2x10 speakers, do it. 15" Speakers generally have a slow response and tend to sound muddy. A lot. I love my Crate, but I'd kill for a 2x10 extension cab for it. Gives you a quicker response, more highs, a glassier sound, and MUCH less muddiness.
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i have a five fifteen and its way loud enough for a drummer at just 6

also cannibal corpse is my favourite band ever
My Five Fifteen was a great amp, i gigged with it for a while. worth it if you can find one second hand.
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i would say that the crate 100 has a very muddy, fuzzy sort of sound (well, that is my experience). it is used in a school classroom, so it is a bit crowded (meaning i cant spread out to hear it) but it sounds muddy, doesnt control the highs well and sounds pretty crap.

i dont know how the five fifteen plays, but my ashdown (mag300head w/ mag 115 cab) is a very good, clean, deep bottom end, with no lack of control in the highs. very nice amp.

so thats my suggestion. or, if your going Ashdown, might pay to track down either a mag or abm combo with either 2 10" speakers or a 1 15.

good luck with your searches
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