Well, the US economy is f*cked up. I won't be able to pay for the college I want to go to. I'll also have to be paying increased taxes for most of my life and theres not too much I can do about it.

The Dow is UNDER $100/stock and why? Because the big banks screwed up, BAD. They would lend money to people that can't afford it, which is illegal in the US. Now we give AIG 85 BILLION dollars, and their CEO goes to a $100,000 SPA!

This "Bailout" bill spent billions of dollars of Russian(?) money and now we have to pay it back somehow!

I was wondering what everybody, American and otherwise, thinks about this.

Why did I post this? We might go into a GLOBAL recession!
well i live in Mexico, and our economy depends a lot on the States. so yeah we are pretty much ****ed like you.
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