My friend and I are having an argument about how they select who they're going to make. Do they pick out of entries sent into them, or pick a school and pick out of there?

Actually it's not really even my school anymore. I graduated last year.
But still, it's kinda cool.
Cool. Make sure she changes the sheets, will you?

Oh lawd, I'm funny.
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they're going to make you into a master.

/stolen joke
/salute Metaldud
They pick a school first and then pick out of submissions from the school. I would know considering they've been filming here. Tanner Timnick (sp?) wants to be a dancer. He's gonna be in the talent show. His coach looks funny. She wears camo, haha. But yeah, I told ya first. Newark High School FTW!

(it's funny that I say NHS FTW! after I just posted in the other thread about my city with dirty pics on cell phones. Ohio is an odd place.)
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True Life is more amusing, imo.

Anyway, yeah, what metal4all said.
Coolio that they are going to your school.
They come to yer school for tryouts but that doesn't mean anyone from yer school will be chosen.

In fact I'd say it's fairly unlikely. Have a go though. It can't hurt.
they came to a school in my city a few years ago, i guess it was pretty cool but i dont watch the show
haha they're at my school right now. it'd be really funny if they picked someone from my school. i can't imagine it really happening. seems like its always the west coast.