Hey guys, im just wondering what should i get! a new electric guitar or an acoustic!!.. well i own an electric and i would play alot of indie music on it such as artic monkeys etc.. but i also love playing chords and i know that an electric isnt too good for that!.. well atm im using a very crappy starter electric with a 10 watt amp.. so what should i do!? i love acoustic tunes and i love eletric!! some insight please

Well, get whatever you would get the most use out of. Since you have an electric why not get an acoustic so you can get a feel for which you like better, then in time, upgrade whichever one you like better first, then the other.

An acoustic added to your gear would give you more range, and might be cheaper than getting an entire "good" electric rig. Plus its a little more portable for firesides, bush parties and other fun stuff.
simple. Buy an Epiphone LP Ultra II.
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