Well, if I was a melody
I would drown out in this sea
That's crashing in, dragging
Places I don't want to be
I know every chance I take
I know I've made every mistake
And I know I can relate

If I told the truth I'd die
You can never tell if you never lie
There's nothing left in honesty
Never was, and never will be
It only gets worse as you go along
I know I'm right, I'd rather be wrong
And you'll only drag it on

Words and silence never decide
They argue and they realize
They're obsolete and time won't try
To put them back together
And that's how I know we will be
You're not you but I'm still me
There's nothing wrong
In letting go

I'll write these numbers on a page
Grow old waiting to stop my age
With innocence and indecision
This is not what I had envisioned
If I could go back I'd leave when
I find someone to believe in
And that would be the end

Words and silence pull away
They want to leave but only stay
Awake at night to sleep at day
And pull back together
And that's how we will always be
You're never you, I'm always me
There's nothing wrong
With letting go
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It was decent I didnt really like the rhyme scheme in it but thats just me it was a little werid to read but mite sound good to music idk if you dont mind criting mine the link is in my sig
I enjoyed it. I think think the best way to reach people with lyrics is to not be very specific and let people mold the song to their own feelings. I'm not calling your song generic but open to interpretation. well done
i love the almost lack of structure to this... it speaks to me, the only thing i personally would change is lose the "well" at the beginning but hey, its your song.