We all have simple ways of saving money or gas. Maybe you buy a brand that is good but not as expensive or drive slower. With gas so high and food and other stuff, people need it

What are some ways to save money that won't make a big impact on lifestyle
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Buy second-hand clothes. It's not as bad as everybody thinks it is. At the good places, they handpick and wash all the good clothes, and they usually go for less than half of the original price. For anybody in the Phoenix area, check out Buffalo Exchange.
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Don't waste 100,000,000 on the bike at the beginning of the game. You'll get a voucher later on and the bike comes FREE!

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Kick your crack habit.
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There is no point except party and be healthy and happy. Also money is not something to live for. If i didnt need money for drugs and beer i would give mine away.

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drive slow, always keep your car in good shape

if you are desperate, steal from wal mart

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Alright, seeing as how I'm in college and really have to be frugal...

-Cook your own food.

-Buy your groceries from Asian supermarkets. They're dirt cheap. Who cares if you may malaria and die?

-Walk, bike, take the metro.

-Turn off unused electric appliances.

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I only eat once or twice a day. Your body gets used to it and it saves money.

I also eat a lot of fruits and nuts for prolonged energy.

Props to the Buffalo Exchange idea, I love that store.
Crap at work/uni/someone elses house.

Not only are you being paid for it (at work anyway), you're saving on bog roll.
At present I simply don't turn any heating on to stop my stupid as **** electricity meter that i'm having replaced eating me out of house and home. Of course, I'm ****ing freezing in glasgow in the autumn, but what can you do?
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i drive a Honda Civic that gets 35 miles to the gallon...

...nvm it threatens to fall apart whenever I reach highway speeds....

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Eat lots of icecream so your poop becomes less warm and if you flush your cold poop it will go to the watercleaning facility and it will cool all the water there so you're slowing down global warming.
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Buy generic foods
Install fluorescent light bulbs
Take shorter showers (or don't shower at all)
Wash dishes by hand instead of using a dishwasher
Turn temperature up on the A/C (or turn it off and open some windows)
When driving, combine all your errands in one trip
Find free deals (free food, entertainment, coupons, etc.)
Destroy your credit cards and pay off your balances
Save your change
Eat less meat (or eat no meat at all)
Mooch off others
Got a girlfriend? Dump her if she expects to be pampered

I'm an incredibly poor college student and these things tend to work for me.
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Eat lots of icecream so your poop becomes less warm and if you flush your cold poop it will go to the watercleaning facility and it will cool all the water there so you're slowing down global warming.
This has gotta be the shittiest (pun intended) line of reasoning I've ever encountered.
Ride the handicapped
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buy things on sale and stock up if it's non-perishable.

Buy gas when the price is low.

Don't drive if you don't have to.

Learn to cook.

Don't gas while going downhill, and slow down to a traffic light, don't immediatly brake for it.
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Unplug unused appliances.

Get off your ass and walk.

Don't set your house temp so high, just keep it bearable and wear a sweater.

Use a tankless water heater.

Asian markets ARE good. They're safe don't worry.

Buy second hand stuff.

Go out on dates: like to the beach, a free outdoor concert, anything free.
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