Hey, my band Breaking Barriers just finished recording our album and its on iTunes right now. I'd like some people to critique our work.

Things I'm looking for are:
1) Quality of recording
2) Vocals
3) Instruments
4) Mixing
5) Overall quality

Thanks. The links are right below this statement.

www.myspace.com/breakingbarrierstheband (myspace with songs)
www.breakingbarrierstheband.com (our website)
Very solid music. Instruments are tight. Song wise everything is good except that I feel that on Wondrous Love there's something missing to make the melody richer. Otherwise, that song is "wondrous".

Clouds is more complete music wise. The vocals have the right feel. However, some parts could be slightly better (notes aren't always right) but I believe the singer is capable of correcting these slight mistakes, he seems very talented.

Other than that, I personally think the bass drum doesn't sound right, but its nothing that affects the overall appreciation of the music. Recording quality is very good.

In conclusion, very good music, don't stop! I would go see you guys at a show!