Ugh, I made this topic in the Electric Guitar forum.

Anyways, I sanded down the neck (maple, and made sure everything was nice and even). Now do I put tung oil on it to prevent warping and such? If so, how many coats?

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Put on tung oil.
Wait till dry
Sand it a bit if not smooth.
Feel around it
Feel protected?
If not add another coat.

I not in the mood to make details.
^ This.

Do 3 or 4 coats.

To make it really smooth, sand up to 600 grit before the first application, and in between applications.

Rub it on with a rag, wait 10 minutes, wipe off the excess. Do it again a day later, ahnother day later etc.

The more coats, the shinier. I did about 4 on my neck.
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