this may seem like a noobish question, if a guitar has trouble staying in tune, will switching out the hardware make a difference? if you put a higher quality bridge and tuners on a guitar, will it stay in tune better? or if a guitar is unstable for tunings, it's always unstable, no matter what.
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Yes, but if your guitar is low end enough that you're having that much trouble, you'd probably be better off just replacing it.
A good set of tuners will do wonders for tuning stability. Dont need to be locking usually unless you use the wammy alot. But also could be how its strung, I can keep a knock off strat with cheap tuners in tune for long periods of time.
A Graph tech/ graphite nut should help to. You can either buy one of these off a guitarsite or use a pencil and draw/ put the lead/ graphite into the nut slots.
Good Luck anyway!