read the title

1st one ibanez rg2ex1


2nd one kramer striker

open to suggestions too i have a peavey vypyr and i play rock metal some blues also looking for decent cleans
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I don't recommend passive pickups for any kind of blues tone. Ideally, you'd want a passive pickup with a reasonably low level of output.
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Which ever you find plays better to you.

dont listen to this guy

get the kramer
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Kramer Striker. The stock pickups are about equivalent, but you also get the middle Single Coil on the Kramer. The piant job is nicer, the neck is adjusted better, but not as thin as the Ibanez. Both weigh about the same. Factory tuning heads, I have no clue about. Both are companies known for making good, affordable axes. Although, I have more experience with the Striker. I've played the RG, but not that much. The Striker is finely constructed, for the price I mean, and plays very well, plus for $10 more, you can get a Licensed Floyd Rose. The Ibanez isn't set up that well from the factory, but plays very well, and has a very thin neck. More sound possibilities with the Kramer, but more Metal sounds with the Ibanez. They're very close.