Hey UG,

I love my epi vj half stack! For the price it's been wonderful. My biggest gripe is the muddy bass, and I was wondering:

If I ran it into a 412 cab (say, a Carvin or Marshall since that's what I'm looking into) how would it sound? (assuming the impedances match up, of course)

I've also been thinking of getting a second VJ and experimenting with running them both simultaneously. Anyone have experience on the versatility of a two amp set up? Like, if I had one running clean and the other boosted with pedals and effects, would I actually get an interesting sound or will it just be messy because the essential character of the amp is the same?

What would happen if I ran the guitar into one VJ and then into another, then from the second into a 412?
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Get an EQ pedal. MXR 12 band eq or whatever it's called. you'll be able to dial out any bass that you don't want.
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I read somewhere I while back that an EQ pedal and a nicer speaker really help mids come alive. The same guy that did that also had a brightness switch installed on his, I dont know if you live somewhere around people with the know how for that but it seems like that would eliminate a lot of the unwanted bass with an EQ and a nice speaker.

As for running two at once... Try it out or something... You never know what will happen.
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tubescreamer helped tame the lows on my vj.
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Get an EQ pedal. MXR 12 band eq or whatever it's called. you'll be able to dial out any bass that you don't want.

Also look into a new speaker
EQ will do wonders for it.
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well if u have the stock cab, that speaker is way bassy compared to my V30 so i you have 70$ laying around go to wherehouse speakers and pick up a V30. That would about do it. (and or tubescreamer)
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