Well, I've played the guitar for a while now but I'm clueless on what's a good/what's a bad type of electro-acoustic guitar. I have a dusty old Yamaha FG-402 acoustic guitar that has not been restrung in years. Nevertheless, the guitar doesn't belong to me so I'm planning to go out and buy my own with a $400-$500 budget. So basically...what type of electro-acoustic guitar and accessories should I buy? And is there like a specific amp designed for electric guitars vs. electro-acoustic?

I'm interested in songs by Ataris, Sherwood, Foo Fighters, The Rocket Summer, Bowling For Soup, ect. Just wanted to state that incase it comes in handy for determing what type of guitar to get for these type of genre.
Yes there are acoustic amps. I'll look for an elect.-acoust. now and get the links soon

EDIT: Here are some i hear are good http://www.guitarcenter.com/Seagull,6-String-Acoustic-Electric-Acoustic-Electric-Guitar,300-500.gc


Ovations are kinda weird idk if the composite plastic back is your thing or not.
I love takakine acoustics; they are worth far more than you pay for them. I'm not sure what model you would want, as I've only ever owned their twelve string models
Now officially has too much gear to list

PM me if you want to know about my recording setup
@ HighPotency: Howdoes the composite plastic backs effect the guitar and what's usually on a regular guitar?? Quick question to add what's the difference between nylon and steel strings because Ovations occasionally come with nylon strings...I think.