is there a particular scale/mode that is frequently used by country players? i love country leads, but i want to learn to imporvise with that country tinge.

if it helps, i really like Brad Paisley, Chet Atkins and Greg Koch.
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maybe a pentatonic
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Try some major pentatonic licks

getting the country sound is all about the proper phrasing of it, skillful bends, pulls offs, hybrid picking ect ect.
learn major pentatonic scale and the major scale. Use notes from the major scale every now and then while improvising in major pentatonic.
a lot of major scale...cant really say pentatonic cause a lot of the pull of licks that sound so country such as 3p2p0 are major scale, country guitar is very hard though...paisley is a god at it
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Haha, Brent Hind's is a god at it, listen to Megalodon by Mastodon. . . about 2 minutes in he does a shred country lick. John 5 is also an amazing country/bluegrass guitarist. . . shred country, check out his album vertigo and try to learn some of his riffs, that will send you on your way, just learn those and then kinda make them your own.
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