so i need a song to play. we have 3 people but we have a VERY short time to learn it. I really wanna do vocals but i've never practiced vocals so something easy. instrumental is also good. ive been play for 3 years mostly metal orientated. i was thinking something by bfmv. so for writing this sloppily im in a rush.
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^_^ Iron Man? Easy, but well-known. Doesnt take much practice...but how's your drummer?
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Dude, anything Chevelle does is hard rock at least and easy. Quick to learn.
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Always With Me, Always With You-Joe Satriani
Lenny-Stevie Ray Vaughan
Machine Gun-Jimi Hendrix
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Or just a Black Keys song, but with a bass line.

Edit: Didn't see "metal oriented," sorry.
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wow gonna ask what i believe to be a new drummer to copy peart?
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Well Iron Man is def out of the answer. Hearts burst into fire is kinda hard to sing and play at the same time. And maybe some rush songs but not sure which ones. Bassist recommended limelight and I asked for yyz but maybe the drums are way too much. Cowboys from hell, I don't think any one of us can do those vocals, and damn its our first time playing infront of masses of people so idk especially in a church. THATS why I really wanted to do BFMV.
Schecter Daimen FR Special
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