ok, so my old combo amp went out on me and its about time to upgrade. I was thinking about buying this head http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product?sku=481691X and then building a cabinet for it, but my uncle said that the cabinets you buy are always better than anything home made. So that's kinda got me leaning towards just getting this http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Randall-RX120RH-and-RX412-Half-Stack?sku=481735 halfstack for $500

So, should I buy a really nice head and build a cabinet?

or should I just go for the $500 halfstack?

or should I go for something else entirely?
well, yea I play mostly metal with a little bit of everything else.
My rhythm guitarist is mostly like metalcore and shit so everything he writes sounds metalcore and he writes down every little riff that pops into his head and makes a song out of it. whereas I probably spend more time writing a verse than he does on the whole thing...... but ya'll don't give a fu[ck.... sorry bout that.

I'd leave it out at my drummer's shed where we practice. Whenever we start gigging I would probably use it for that since it'll be like my only amp that's worth 2 shits.

Of course my 2x12 combo amp might be fixable, haven't heard from the shop yet. but we saw something arc out in the amplifier when we were looking inside to see if it was anything simple wrong with it.

and I want a halfstack anyway so whenever we want to gig I'll be ready