Ok, so I really want a new amp. I hate the sound of my crappy Behringer. I cringe everytime I turn it on. Unfortunately, I am extremely broke, not to mention that I kind of suck at guitar and don't really deserve a great amp anyway. I've started to think about a POD as a possible substitute, but the more I think about it and all of the other Line 6 products, the more I get confused. It seems like all of their amps and PODs have essentially the same amp models and presets and such. What exactly separates a Spider III from a Vetta from a Spider Valve (aside from the tube part) from a POD besides cost and the quantity of amp models/presets/effects? Are all of their sounds taken from the same amps? If I got a POD X3 and put it in from of my current amp, would it sound the same as a Vetta? PLEASE HELP ME!
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If your "extremely broke" your not going to want to look at the higher end POD's such as the X3 and frankly they are going to sound different through every amp they get plugged into just because of the specific voiceing of the amps. Some are going to sound better then others. Your best bet is to look at an amp you can actually afford. Maybe a microcube or a DA 5. If like you say you don't play that well alot of expensive fx aren't going to help you anyway. Get something with a tone you can live with and practice. The more bells and whistles you have the chance is it's just going to take you away from playing while you try to adjust the settings all the time.
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