I'm building a guitar for my school Certificate. I have built and constructed everything, but I don't know how to wiring it.
I want to wire a 2 humbucker, 2 way switch and 1 Vol pot.
I have a Tex Mex Bridge and a Wilkinson meck

Tex Mex - Has red, black, green, White and a naked one
Wilkingson - Has White and Naked one

How would I wire it all up, any help is fine, because my guitar due in 1 week .
I'll post pics up later, when my usage is back.

Thank you
how come you only want a two way switch ?
i used to be a mod, then i took an arrow in the knee.
One for bridge, one for neck, i really don't ever have both at the same time while playing
this is the closest i could find.

I guess you have to have a tone pot. But maybe keep it in the control cavity on 10 not showing on the outside.
Also the switch may be a bit different and you will have to find out the colour codes of your pickups wire.
Good Luck!
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If you want a two way, I'd get a standard toggle SPDT switch. Have the hot from one hb to one end lug, and the other to the other end lug with the middle lug soldered to a wire going to the volume.
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the bare is the ground, that goes to the back of the vol pot with the other ground, as does a wire from the base of the bridge.
the hot leads from each pup go to opposite lugs on the switch, then the middle lug is connected to a lug on the vol pot. the middle lug on the vol pot is connected to the hot lead from the jack, and the ground lead is connected to where the rest of the grounds are (back of the vol pot). also, you may need to bend the remaining lug from the vol pot so it makes contact with the back of the pot.

there should be diagrams on the seymour-duncan website to tell you what colour wires are what.