So I got my guitar almost 3 months ago but only really started playing daily quite recently, and I've realized two things 1) I only really like to practice solos/scales 2) I can't really keep a rhythm. Now I'm sure just by playing more I'll get better with the rhythm thing, but I really do prefer practicing solos and scales, so I'm wondering if there's some genre that is a lot more solos than chords? I'm under the impression blues is kinda like that but I don't know any blues artists or good songs so any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

ps If there are any kinds of exercises specially designed for rhythms I'd like to know too thanks.
Metallica, Children Of Bodom, In Flames, Megadeth etc etc

or Metalcore
Bullet for my valentine, avenged sevenfold etc etc
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Melodic Metal has alot of what you're looking for.

Metallica has more rythem then anything, and Megadeth has alot of rythem as well.
by solos do you mean lead guitar? and theres a lot of great blues artists peter green, alvin lee, bb king, john lee hooker alot more but my brain currently isnt working, a quite easy john lee hooker song is boom boom boom, provideing you can slide, it does have some rythem in it though but its not hard