So I've been looking for the perfect amp for a little while now, but I haven't found it yet. So I was wondering if anyone out there could give me some good suggestions.

I'm pretty sure i want a combo amp, and i defanitely want an all tube amp.
A good clean is a must!
my price range is below 2000, around 1500 would be nice, but if it's closer to 2000 that's okay

most of the music i play ranges from
light alternative/indie rock to a bit heavier indie rock and a good amount of experimental preogressive stuff...i use a lot of delay, i like reverb(it would be a plus if the amp had reverb, but not a must), and i'm okay using either the amps overdrive or if it's an all clean amp i can work fine with it.

As far as the speakers go i like the 212 setup, but really anything is okay to suggest.

here's the list so far
i've tried out a lonestar and it wasn't too bad, i don't know if it's exactly what i'm looking for..i'll have to look into it again

and like i said i think i want to go more towards a combo amp, unless you know of a good fender head?
Lately I've really been into Mesa Stilettos. The Deuce is my favourite of them all. Check one out
Now officially has too much gear to list

PM me if you want to know about my recording setup
vox ac30
i've heard good and bad things about,
i asked this question before and someone said something almost exactly like that, but i've heard there's a lot of problems with them, and that the new ones are made in japan or something now..that the quality has gone down a lot...

any comments about it?
i'll look more into mesas i haven't thought too much about them

how do people feel about dr z?

i think i'm going to start a poll after i get a few more suggestions
the control quality should be fine. japanese cq is excellent, their guitars are just as good maybe even better then americans.
do you know any good marshalls?
and i'll defanitely think about the ac30 then..how much about do they cost?
If your budget is that high you might also look at a Budda combo, maybe a 30Wer