I'm getting out of paintball for good so i have a bunch of stuff to sell. I'll sell altogether or I can piece it out.

I have a 2004 lasoya timmy red to black fade not used very much but has an eye problem so it needs to new eyes. It also needs a new air hose. its in good shape other than that i can also throw in a 4 piece empire barrel kit for it to. make.

Red 2k2 cocker, chrome eblade with ace, chrome shocktech reg ram/ram and eclipse electronic 3-way, and chrome and black 14" ACI Graffiti style (american flag edition), wgp worrblade Delron bolt.

4 Piece Empire Barrel Kit for an a-5 never opened.

A red and black empire gear bag its really big and hasnt been used very much so its in great shape.

Thats all I can think for right now. just make an offer.
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Free bawp for a good gat.
Price on the lasoya?
have a halo b or reloader b going with it?
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I have a halo b with it but it needs a new shell because its cracked around the neck. i dont really have a set price im looking for so just make an offer.
I play music and stuff..
i really dont know what the prices of these things sell for ive been outta paintball for like 2 years and this stuff is in my closet just collecting dust. but a rough estimate for the guns is 550 for the intimidator and 350 for autococker. the bag is basically brand new so whateva it costs new minus about 40 bucks.
I play music and stuff..