my band has a four hour gig tomorow nite, and we are used to playing 3 hour ones. since the singer/keyboardist and i are the ones that could learn fast enough, we are going to learn 45 minutes of acoustics tonight. so far, we have time of your life, behind blues eyes, soulshine(allman bros), slide(goo goo dolls), What ive got, and drive by incubus. so what would be some others we could learn real quick so we could fill up the time slot?
iris goo goo dolls...

look up some keith urban (raining on sunday, youll think of me)

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cavalier eternal - against me
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Hurt - Johnny Cash
Down in a Hole - Alice in Chains
Creep - Radiohead
Wonderwall - Oasis
Outside - Staind
Sunsets - Powderfinger
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you could always add some improvin' there y'know.
but 4 hours is insane. omg imagine a power metal drummer playing a 4 hour show lol. he'd die.
Depending on the audience you cant go wrong with a few ol' creedence clearwater revival classics
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