So pit, i was at school today, im a junior in high school. Today, in the lunch room, something happened that i will laugh at for years to come. Two black kids, whose names will be withheld, started fist fighting from, what seemed like, out of nowhere. I mean throwing fists, the teachers had to break them up. I looked at it and turned back to my delicious plate of nachos with cheese and beef, brushing it off as just another fight. Then, my friend came and sat at our table. It turns out that the 2 black kids started fighting over a piece of fried chicken. May God strike me down if I'm lying, you can't write stuff like that. Im not racist, but that sure as hell was a good example of a funny stereotype. Anyone else have any funny, related stories?
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Barack Obama. Not knowing how many states are in the U.S.

Also, had a girl in my English class last year who didn't know what a verb was. She was a junior in High School.
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