What are some good all around strings for acoustic? I use medium elixirs most of the time, but I was wondering if there was something even better, and possibly cheaper?
Well, ditching coated stings should give you an immediate bump up in tone and drop in price. I use Martin SP 80/20's. They start out really bright, almost too bright, but then sound really nice for the rest of the string's life. Seem to last a little longer too. They're also electroplated with brass (or was it bronze? it was something anyway...) and I think that may help to protect the string somewhat.

Other strings worth considering are Martin Marquis (cheaper), DR brand (forget the name. more expensive), and the ones webstrings.com sells (won't find them cheaper, and the quality is acceptable).

There are loads of strings on the market though. The only way you're going to find what's best suited to your guitar and your ear is to go and buy a bunch of types to try. That's what I did.

edit: I must be on crack. I meant to say Martin SP 92/8 Phosphor Bronze.
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I also need a new set of strings, are the elixir strings top of the range? I'd assume so considering the price.

Another thing I wanted to know was the difference in the numbers like 10-47? I assume its to do with thickness or something. Whats the normal size?
I also think Martin SP 80/20 strings are way to bright in the beginning, almost metallic IMO.

I like D'Addario EJ16 (0.012 gauge), nice tone, although it will drop off after 2-3 weeks, but they're not expensive like Elixirs.
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D'Ardrio EXP's are the way to go if you like the coated string but want to save some money
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I think I'm just going to stick with elixirs. They have a real nice, balanced, long lasting tone.

And for those Martin strings, I agree with the brightness at the beginning and how it is "metallic", but that drops in less than a week. I still use them as my back-up though.