Hey i recently got my amp back from being repaired and decided... hell lets get some new power tubes to replace my crappy bugera ones. At the same time i was thinking... im not spending 200-300 on an attenuator! Ill get them to pull the tubes!

well i got it back and now i get this hum/buzz even when the guitar isnt plugged in. I know its not the preamp stage coz i put a gate there and it still came through. When i played with the bias (yes i put it all back to where it all was at the end) turning the bias clockwise reduced the hum...
I then put the original tubes back in (just 2 not all 4) and low and behold... still humming... so its not the tubes... (well it might be but that means ALL my tubes are now magically buggered)

So i'm wandering.. should i just fork the money out for an attenuator and put the other 2 tubes in ...or is it something else.
look into weber attenuators

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

Yeah i sent him an email just then asking what attntuator would be appropriate.
have you tried putting all 4 tubes back in to see if the problem goes away?
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have you tried putting all 4 tubes back in to see if the problem goes away?

Yeah, that's the first thing to try. If the bias is correct, you should have no humming. May have a bad new tube? I have 2 tubes pulled on both of my 100W amps, & have no problems at all (they've been running like this for a long time). Make sure you only pull the 2 outer or 2 inner tubes, & be sure to have your speaker load be double what the amp output says (if you have a 16 ohm cab, use an 8 ohm output on the amp). Good luck. Hope it's nothing serious.
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I'm taking it back to the shop to put the other tubes in today coz i dont reckon the guy biased them right (he's a real d*ck, i had to hassle him for 7 weeks to get my amp fixed when he said 3) and he rushed me out of the store too. Hopefully the other guitar tech does my amp instead of him though.