I wasn't sure to put this because it doesn't go into the guitar or bass threads...

Anyway, I needed some help here, I recently got a job at KFC, now I'm saving up for one of each but I don't know what to get

I play both guitar and bass, I've been playing for 2 1/2 years but I can play very well. I want a 7 string so I can play those songs with 7 strings and it would awesome to have and play because I usually have low tunings and it would be nice to regonize the fretboard a bit more.

But I really want a 6 string bass because I played a 5 string and really liked it. But then I noticed a lot of people have 5 strings so I want to get a 6 string to be different. It would be a bit of a annoyance to get used to it from a 4 string but it would be great once I got used to it.
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