Hi everybody!

I thought it couldn't happen, but it did: I have a Boss pedal that doesn't work!

It is the Super Chorus CH-1. When in use, it suddenly stops working, and it doesn't let the sound pass thru either, so the whole setup shuts op suddenly. When it stops working, the red led doesn't turn off, it goes half on half off (like when it is out of battery). I tried with battery, it doesn't work at all. With the Boss power supplier, it sometimes work, but it is unstable. I noticed that when I move the pedal, or touch the wires, the thing goes on and off.

I opened it, and noticed that the plastic sheet that insulates the board from the plate is burned in one spot, on the upper part.

What do you think it might have happened? Is there anythinh you think I could do to fix, possibly by myself?

Thanks for the help!

happend to my BBE Crusher as well...I use a battery now and It's fine.
Probably the melted plastic doesn't let the power go thru or something...
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If the plastic is burned because a sharp bit of solder went thru and shorted against the housing it could cause some serious problems. Could have fried an IC or transistor. As its not true bypass the signal wont go thru when turned off your signal still has to go thru the board when off.
No, it was not a sharp bit of solder... I opened the pedal, there is a small "box" (I mean, really small) that burned, and the flame passed through behind the circuit and birned the plastic too. Tomorrow I will take it to a technician and see if he can fix the problem, I like the way the CH-1 sounds, I want it back! :-)

Thank you guys for your help!