okay so a couple weeks ago I was hanging out with my girlfriend in my room and my brother put a big **** block on me by wanting to come hang out in my room with Britany and i but that's not my point my point is that because he did this
I just started to play my guitar and Britany said it is so cure how you move your mouth while you play she said it's funny to watch you twitch. Now I have been playing for awhile and I have never noticed it on me but in the past couple weeks I have been watching and I see that all my friends who play guitar also move their mouth when they play so I was just wondering if the pit ever does this when they play or if they have anything that they do with out noticing
No I don't. My feet can't stop moving though.
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Yes. Apparently when I play I look retarded.

+1, pretty much exactly the same for me.
Whenever I try to not make faces and not move my mouth I just end up looking constipated.
Sometimes i catch myself doing some weird lip licking thing while playing.

I always find it funny aswell when you speak to someone who is playing, they give you a really blank look. Becuase they are trying to listen but are concentrating on playing.

That look is priceless.
When I play certain riffs, for example, in intro to John 5's Damaged.. with each pick, I sort of ... flex my chin... That was really weird to notice... Took a lot of concentration to stop myself from doing it since I've known the song for about a year and been doing it since day 1 X.x

But other than that, I don't twitch. I really don't show much expression while I play... Unless I'm ****ing around.

But I do have a twitch... whenever I blink, my nose twitched >.<
My friend just kind of stares blankly and opens his mouth while playing, and he literally can't respond to anything anyone says to him... It's as if he goes deaf and dumb while playing.
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I grit my teeth while playing the intro to Puppetzzzzz. I also screw my face up a lot when I do biggish bends and pinched harmonics.
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I have my mouth open slightly when i play, i look kind of stupid, sometimes i stick my tongue out as well, i also bob about and walk backwards and forwards.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
I'm a singer/guitarist so yes I do move my mouth
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Haha if someone asks me a question when i'm playing i end up answering with my .. short... senten...ces in... the rhythm of the song lol
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My bassist full on gurns when he's playing some stuff!

HA ha thats great