Hey, I'm relatively new to guitar and really like Gn'R, and figured I'd give SCOM a go. The main/intro riff I can play fine, just some practise needed to touch it up, but I have the fingering pretty much sorted.

However I am having trouble with this bit:


The 14s after the 11 are troubling me particularly, I can't figure out how to get which fingers into place for it, and I find these two parts far more difficult to get to than the intro riff.

Anybody got any advice on how to hit these smoothly or could anyone tell me how they get the notes with their fingers?

well, you can hit the 11 and then barre the 14th, or you can use your pinky and bend the 14 to 15 when you need to, those are the easiest ways I can think of.

Edit: just to make sure it's clear, I'd use index on 14, then either hold all the strings at the 14th fret with either my ring (probably) or index finger, and use my pinky (if barring with ring) to hit the 15.
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