Hi guys !

I have purchased myself a Marshall JCM2000 DSL 100 half stack as i remember playing on my friends JCM900 years ago and been blown away, he was using a ESP guitar with EMG's and Korg Tone Works FX pedals.

I have the JCM2000 stack, a les paul and the FX pedals are ZOOM GF-X 8 which cost arouns £250 about 7 years ago. And to be honest im not that amazed with the sounds im getting.

Do i need to change the FX pedals to maybe some korg ones ? what is best these days, i love the really heavy chunky sounds like metallica, pantera etc. should I have got a JCM900 ?

Also considering a jackson with EMG's ???

Any advice would be most appreciated

many thanks

if ur after a heavy metal sound like u explained, u neither have the correct amp nor the guitar to suit it, depending on your pickups... i dunno about ur pedal but I'm pretty sure that won't be able to give you the sound you are after.

now with that said, it doesn't mean we can't fix your problem for the desired tone. perhaps look into pedals, don't immediately rush to the boss MT2... or whatever its called. go down to your local guitar store and test out ALL of their pedals, see what they have to offer. try taking ur guitar down and playing it through the pedals on a similar amp.

what pickups do u have in that les paul man? is it epiphone or gibson? what make/model of les paul is it?
If you don't like your base tone, then pedals aren't the way to go. You have to tune in your amp and guitar first.

Try plugging into the amp without the Zoom, and dial it in. Adjust amp settings, pickup height, etc. as the sound gets where you want it.

If you can't get where you want to be, pickups might be the next thing to consider. You mentioned you liked EMGs, and they sound killer in a les paul. They will change the tonestack drastically, pushing the front end more, and really saturating the tone to all hell, which you will definitely like if you're a Metallica and Pantera fan.

I'm also selling a mint used set of EMGs, so PM me if you're at all interested. Again, this is only considering you like the pups

After that, once you have your core tone down, you can consider effects, and the Zoom isn't anything good by any means. We'll go down that road after you solve part 1 of your problem though.
jcm900 owns the jcm2000 BUT all is good...try everythign said above and then i d say go buy a good od pedal if ur not happy....i love the sound my jcm900 has but i use a maxon od808 to give it some extra chunk and some mids that it lacks with the gain up high check my vids on youtube if u wanna see what i do with my tone http://nl.youtube.com/user/georgakis187
a tubescreamer-type pedal will tighten up your sound, and you should be able to get close to metallica tone with that amp.
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Any reccomendations on pedals, like what make offer the best metal setups ? Which companys to avoid etc ?