Little Flame by Human Fortress

this riff sounds so cool to me and looks easy as well. Please, maestros, i know it would take you 5 minutes to tab something like this =)

or maybe someone would be interested in tabbing the full song? here it is:


The song is very nice, by interesting german band, which is quite unknown, therefore, there are no tabs or whatsoever And im not able to work even something like that myself I will be very grateful to someone who will take the time and help me out

Or at least give me a clue where to start! Thanks a lot guys,

I could tab it, but it's like 12am here now lol...inappropriate timing, my parents will kill me...sorry
oh, sorry,
i can wait =) would be great if you could try it tomorrow
Sounds right to me =)

A|--7---7-7-7--7-7-5/7--- 7-5-3---3-3-3--3-3-5/7--- 7-5---------|
wow! thats great! thank you very much Guitar_tischler! could you tell me though, whats that note on 0:13 in the video? Where the riff repeats 4th time there is different ending note :O
but thanks a lot dude

oh, and triplets+doubles are palm muted, right? And is there a slide on the first note?
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