My guitar strap holder is so loose.. my guitar fell luckily i managed to catch it

I tried to screw it back but it's too loose.. it wont hold what can i do? I don't have other parts..

I need to use my guitar tomorrow

any quick fix?
Do what GoDrex says. Iv'e used that idea on my guitar before and it worked perfectly.
A more permanent but also quick way to repair is by taking sawdust or something similar, mix it with a certain amount of glue, and then stuff it in the hole, and jam the screw in. Make sure it stays there until the glue dries up, and you'll have it tightly there. One thing tho, is that your strap holder will be permanent there, can't remove it for any future modifications, etc.

I did that to the body of my own guitar, I was just jamming with it one day, and the strap chose to slip out of the holder, the guitar dropped and smashed my little toe, and got itself pretty scratched up. I filled up the dents and chips with that paste I mentioned earlier up there, and there you go...better than nothing. My guitar looks quite perfect at first glance now. Look closer you'll see the damage lol.
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meh.. the glue is empty.. and it's 1:03am my parents won't let me go out to buy x.x but I fixed it..

I used plastic.. i stuffed plastic in the hole and jam the screw back it did the trick thanks for the idea of stuffing things inside that hole LOL.. but I know it won't last long.. so after the party tom I'll buy glue thanks everyone!
haha then always be ready to catch your guitar if it drops while rocking tomorrow haha
Yep. Just shim it with toothpicks until you can fix it more perminately. If you toss in some wood glue with the toothpicks it'll hold solid for quite a while if you pack em' in right.

+1 to straplocks, it's absolutely the best $20 I've spent. Try to find Dunlops.
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Woah mlfarrell that makes me wants to just sit while playing guitar.. LOL I'll buy a strap lock :P my strap is new but i think from what I saw I can't play with my guitar peacefully till I buy locks.. thanks for the tip!
thanks everyone
Maintain the strap lock system also, a little wd-40 on a q tip goes a long way.
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