im lookin to build a jazzish bass where is a good place to buy pre carved woods for a good price?
also was wondering if mahogany was a good wood for thebody
Someone correct me if I'm mistaken, but I'm pretty sure that mahogany on a bass emphasizes the low mids a lot, which can kind of undermine the articulation and clarity of a "jazzish" bass. Usually you'd only find mahogany in a bass built for thicker thump.

You might want to go with a boring typical wood like alder or ash for a jazz bass, or read up on the tone offered by different exotic woods if your're looking to drop a little more money into it.
I would suggest walnut I guess it's used more in basses than guitars but it seems like a perfect compromise between mahogany and alder.
meh...wood doesnt have much affect on tone
however, yes mahogany will sound slightly bassier and thicker. i too recomment walnut. and +1 to warmoth.com
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