uh, standard?
unless you want a st. anger tuning. then u tune to drop c.
also, try to be more specific. it took me like 5 minutes to figure out what the hell that sentance meant.
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a tuning wont make u sound like metallica ..
most metallica is usualy in standard tuning eadgbe
you tune half step down and you never look back

enter sandman baby!
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It's not the tuning, it's the way you play. You try to stay along the 3 lowest strings during the riffs and the 3 highest strings on solos. If your amp has an O.D. setting. try putting it on that.
standard tuning for enter sandman
Austin Les Paul rip-off that sounds really nice
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all albums are standard, apart from load and reload (down half a step) and st anger (drop c)
Quote by filthandfury
Amp settings:

Gain - 11
Treble - 8
Mid - 6
Bass - 4
Master - 0

I think I see what you did there...

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Ok that was strange.. my ashavast just said that this page has a virus O.o
something to do with binary frame xD

Just check what ever the songs tuning is..
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