It's pretty good, but you may want to lay off the voice effects some. It makes it hard to understand some of it. Not saying all of it but there's some parts towards the beginning that seem unecessary.
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really nice...
but i think there is something wrong with the voice effects...
it's good but the vocal effect(vocoder?) doesn't really work on the song. Other than that it's all good.
Guitar sounds really good dude. I also like the distorted piano sounding thing in the background. It adds a really interesting element to the song. I like the lyrics as well. It was kind of hard to hear what you were saying at times when the vocal effect came in (but you already know that 'cause everyone's already mentioned it). But I don't think you should lose it, necessarily. Just make sure not to over do it like that rapper guy, T-pain. Overall, this is a solid effort.